Solar modules mounted on or integrated into the roof. Adapted to your needs in both size and aestethics.. For a surprisingly low cost and with a good repayment time.

Groundbased powerplants are cheap to build and can be set up almost everywhere. The better ventilation behind the panels will give a more efficient production.​

Get up to 25% solar energy with solar trackers. We have the types that suit your needs - and the experience installing them.

We can set up our turnkey solar carport for you or deliver it ready for you to set up yourself - with extensive instructions.

We deliver a depenable solution, which will look well both on your green account and on the bottom line.

Be in the front with renewable energy, which saves on CO2 and the taxpayers money.

Be totally or partly self-sufficient with an investment that has favorable payment options and a reasonable repayment time.

Get an aestethic solution in top quality, which delivers power to you with a god repayment time and reliable hardware.

A good investment for you and the environment!

No matter if you are a company, a municipality, housing assocoation or a private household.
ATsolar is a total supplier of solar power plants in all sizes. We have through the years build some of the largest plants in Denmark.

Through this website, you can learn about ATsolar and all the products and services we can offer you.

Green energy with a good economy and a quality with a future.

We always sit with you as a customer and go through all the economical aspects of a solar power plant before we begin the project. This will give you a clear overview of the investment, expected yield and the repayment time.

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Roofintegrated solar powerplants for Housing Association.
We have just made a deal with the Housing Association Søbo to install solar powerplats on department 11 on Borgmester Andersens vej 1-39 in Sønderborg. The project includes 160 kWp roof-integrated plants, and includes renovation of the roof.
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New possibilities with roof-integrated solutions
A roof-integrated powerplant means, as the name implies, that the solar modules are integrated into the roof, so they are flush with the surface and not mounted on top of the roof. This ensures a more discreet and aestethic solution.
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