ATsolar constists of a range of experienced and dedicated employees, who are solar power specialists. Some have focus on planning, others on setup while yet others are in control of maintenance and service. Together we are your solar power team, who can take care of any task from beginning to the end.

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ATsolar Aps

Lollandsgade 4
6400 Sønderborg

CVR 32348734
Mobil +45 30 86 28 47


Nicolai Faaborg Andresen

Sales, marketing, business development and administration.

Tlf.: +45 30 86 28 47

Short about Nicolai:
Educated as a marine engineer at Copenhagen  School of Marine Engineering.

Nicolai has 8 years of experience in the solar power business and have participated in conferences and exhibitions in Shanghai, Los Angeles and München.

Lars Skadhauge Thomsen

Installation master, technical purchases, technical support, sales and administration.

Email: lt@atsolar.dk
Tlf.: +45 29 29 34 14

Short about Lars:
Educated as an Automation Technician.

Lars has 6 years of experience in the solar power business, and is a fully trained Energy Counsellor through Project Zero.

Lars has worked with everything in solar power, among which trackers, tracker control, inverter installation, roof mounting, groundbased plants, etc.

Kristian Dam


Short about Kristian:

Educated as an Industrial Operator, have worked for many years in construction and have a large experience with ground based plants in particular.

Rasmus Davidsen


Short about Rasmus:

Educated at a Marine Carpenter, wide experience in carpentry, steel construction etc.

Bjarne Iversen

Project Manager
Tlf.: +45 30 86 27 75

Short about Bjarne:

Bjarne has many years of experience from the construction business, and have an extentisive expetience in coordination of construction sites, logistics, etc.

Niels Jørgensen

Office assistent

Email: nbj@atsolar.dk


If you want to know more about solar powerplants, then write your name and phone number, and we ill get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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ATsolar Aps

CVR: 32348734​

Lollandsgade 4

DK - 6400 Sønderborg​