​Linak is in front with ATsolar

LINAK had a goal to once and for all reduce CO2, visualize engagement into the environment, and make itself partly self-sufficient with electricity. That is why they contacted ATsolar, and we have from start to end been on the project that made one of the largest solar power plants in Denmark. The plant is mounted on the roof of the factory, and covers more than 5600 m2. It has an output of about 880 KWp and produces 790.000 kWh per year, a yield that LINAK uses in their production. The result is a saving of 1600 tons in the CO2-account.

The solar modules are mounted on a tar roof, and with a 20 degree angle using brackets that are secured to the steelspars that ATsolar designed specially for the task. The solar power are delivered directly to the transformers of the factory by several inverter boards.

We have for the LINAK plant used 55 FLX inverters, which are made by LINAKS neighbour Danfoss in Nordborg. The plant is monitored remotely with a datalogger, and the production can be monitored around the clock from a large display which are located next to the fieldbased power plant, so employees and passers-by can follow it in realtime.

Size: 6.200 m2
Effect: ca. 880 KW
Output: ca. 790.000 kWh p.a.
CO2-reduction: 1400 tons p.a.

Repayment time: 12 years


If you want to know more about solar powerplants, then write your name and phone number, and we ill get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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