​Inverters are simply put the part of a solar powerplant that converts the energy of the sun into electricity. It is so to speak the heart of the plant, that pumps the electricity out to you. And it is most often here that problems arise.

That is why we only use quality inverters, which are picked to exactly fit the plant to which it is connected. The choice of inverter depends on the type of powerplant that is used.

We also offer running maintenance and monitoring of both the inverter and the entire powerplant.

You are very welcome to contact us for a noncommittive talk about inverters and solar powerplants on phone +45 30 86 28 47.


At ATsolar, we only use the best of the best components in our plants, and that goes especially for inverters.

We have carefully selected our business partnerrs, because we know that the inverter is that part of a solar powerplant which is most vulnerable over time. It is therefore of the utmost importance that it is of a high quality.

As you can see below, we coorporate with some of the largest and best suppliers in the business.

Our goal is to deliver the best solution possible, and it is excusively according to this goal that we choose the parts for solar powerplants. If specific needs arise, or special invertersoluctions are selected, we can draw on our great experience and huge network in the business. This means that we can deliver all forms and types of inverters on the world market.

Fronius Symo

​​Fronius is an austrian manufacturer with a long experience in power electronics, and this makes Fronius inverters a safe solution for virtually all sizes of power plants. They can be delivered with complete remote monitoring via tablets, phones and computers, so you always have a complete overview of operation and production.

ATsolar has a distributor agreement with Fronius, and buy directly from the factory in Austria. This makes us able to offer some very competitive prices.


DELTA Solar Inverters are a part of the mu er en del af multi group DELTA Electronics, who are the world leading electronics manufacturer with, among others, Apple, Nokia and Ericsson as customers and with more than 80.000 employees worldwide.

With a DELTA inverter, you get the finest electronics at very good price.

DELTA inverters can be delivered with full remote monitoring and overview via phone, tablet and computer.


ABB has taken over the inverter manufacturer Power One, which has meant that ABB now have an even stronger inverter program. It is top quality, with inverters that fit any need.

ABB also gives the option to monitor the inverter and production of power from phone, tablet and computer.


If you want to know more about solar powerplants, then write your name and phone number, and we ill get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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