Our references are the best proof of our competence

At ATsolar, we have during the years planned, mounted and maintained a large number of solar powerplants.

Below you will see a selection of our references, of which we are proud and that we think is a good way to represent de different types of solutions that we offer.​


Sønderborg Municipality

We have helped Sønderborg Municipality getting 1,6 MWh close to become CO2 neutral.

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Linak goes in front with ATsolar

​LINAK had a goal to once and for all reduce C02, visualize their engagement into the environment and make themselves partly self-sufficient with electricity.

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Field based plants - Wildenschild and others

From bare field to renewable energy - with an eye for the economy.

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The Housing AssociationDanbo

The Housing Association Danbo had a wish to deliver green energy to their residents in the biggest possible degree, both practically and economically.

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If you want to know more about solar powerplants, then write your name and phone number, and we ill get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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