We have set up more than 400 solar power plants in Denmark, equal to about 6MW.

Below you will see a selection of ATsolar's customers, who will in time save a lot of money and reduce CO2 with us as their business partner.

A long experience is your advantage​

​Nord-Als Sportscenter

313 kWp (2154 m²)​

LINAK, Nordborg 

75 kWp (ca. 500 m²)
groundbased, freestanding solar park with 28 trackers.

Social centre Brohaven, Sønderborg

55 kWp (ca. 400 m²)

​Alsion, Sønderborg

62,5 kWp (ca. 420 m²)
Angled mounting with JUAL consoles on a tar roof.

Kredsens Hus, Frederiksberg
34 kWp
Tar roof, without roof penetrations.

Gråsten 844 kWp groundbased plant

The largest communal plant in Denmark, Nordborg 

554 kWp
Groundbased 30°

​Amaliehaven Carecenter, Augustenborg

140 kWp (911 km²)


7.7 kWp groundbased.

896 kWp groundbased.

Kegnæs 75KW
Roofmounted polymodules.

​Guderup 6,6 kWp 

Hanwha Black Diamond
195 Wp modules.
Inverter Danfoss TLX6.
Installed march 2012.

​Bredebro 80 kWp

Roofmounted polymodules.

​Herning 7,28 kWp-thinfilm

Solar Frontier
thinfilm modules á 135 Wp.
Expected production 6900 kWh p.a.
Inverter Danfoss TLX6+ with string box.
Installed april 2012.

5 kWp

Carport with fixed underlay and gutter incl. solarpanels.​

​Kegnæs 7,25 kWp

Hanwha Solar One 235Wp.
Inverter Danfoss TLX6+.

Installed may 2012. Have produced more than 7500 kWh the first year.​

Høruphav 6.24 kWp
26 stk. Isofoton 240 wp (44 m2) with black frame and background mounted on tile roof.
Here is mounted 2 SMA 3000 TL.
Expected production min 5700 kWh p.a.
The production is read by Bluetooth to a handheld device.
Installed october 2011.

Valby, København
Mounting without roof penetrations.

​Høruphav 6,37 kWp

Isofoton ISF-245 all-black.
Inverter Danfoss TLX6+
Installed may 2012.

Nordborg 5,88 kWp
Isofoton ISF-245 Black.
Inverter SMA SB3000TL-21.
Installed may 2012.

Thyborøn 7,8 kWp
Black mono Isofoton moduler, 2 SMA SB3000 TL-21, expected yearly production 5900 kWh.

Augustenborg 6,86 kWp
24 stk Isofoton isf245 black 245Wp modules
Danfoss TLX+ 6kW inverter.
Installed may 2012.

​Sydals 4,9 kWp

Hanwha Solar One 240Wp.
Mounted on flat tar roof, without roof penetration.
Installed august 2012.

Guderup 4,8 kWp
20 stk Isofoton 240 wp (34m2) with black frame installed on eternit roof.
Inverter is a SMA 4000 TL-
Installed october 2011.

​Svendborg 6,4 kWp groundbased

26 Sort Isofoton 245 wp
mounted on groundframe
Danfoss TLX6+ pro
Installed june 2012

​Sønderborg 6,3 kWp

Black monocrystalline modules at 195 wp.
2 Inverters. SB3000TL-21.
Expected yearly production ca 5500 kWh.

Guderup 7 kWp tar roof
Mounted with roof-consolles. The plant is able to produce ca. 6000 kWh p.a.
Installed june 2012.

Gråsten 5,88 kWp
Black Isofoton modules at 245 Wp, inverter is a Fronius IG plus 6 KW. Expected yearly production ca. 5200 kWh
Installed july 2012.


If you want to know more about solar powerplants, then write your name and phone number, and we ill get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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