​We have helped Sønderborg Municipality getting 1,6 MWh closer to be CO2 neutral

A solar power solution that fits Sønderborg in a every way

We have energyrenovated for Sønderborg Municipality by installing solar modules on 41 public buildings – and completed the project in just 5 months.

This has happened as a part of Sønderborg's clear vision to be the first CO2 neutral area in Europe by 2029.

This is why Sønderborg was that Municipality that secured the most permits for new plants, when Energinet March 2014 releases a quota of 20MW. Calculations show that the 41 plants gives Sønderborg a saving of 710 tons CO2 per year, corresponding to 1,6 MWh per year. This is a target that the powerplants already show that they can live up to Solar power are today a part of the public power grid, so surplus on sunny day are sold to the net, while additional power are bought on cloudy days.

Sønderborg Municipality has chosen a solution where the solar modules are integrated into the roof construction, and not just mounted on top. This is a solution where the Municipality has gained much appraisal from both citizens and advisors.

​ATsolar har been in charge of the entire project, and have exclusively used local companies as subcontractors.

The project has recieved a good evaluation:

“We think that the project has gone really well. ATsolar and all the craftsmen that has been a part of the project has done it for top grades and on time. Now we can both save on the energy expenses, and use the behavior incentive that lies in the children in the institutions and schools can follow the power production on their smartphones and tablets, says department manager Mie Rauff Nielsen, Buildings & Energy in Sønderborg Municipality.


Size: 12.000 m2
Effect: More than 1.750 KW
Output: ca. 1.600.000 kWh p.a.
CO2-reduction: 2800 tons p.a.

Repayment time: 10 years


If you want to know more about solar powerplants, then write your name and phone number, and we ill get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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