ROOFintegrated solar powerplants

A roofintegrated solar powerplant means, as the name implies, that the solar modules is integrated within the roof so they are flush with the surface and not mounted on, or raised above, the roof.

There are a number of advantages by using a roofintegrated solar powerplant. First and foremost, it has an aestethic look, that fits into the architecture. It also has a clear advantage if there is any doubt regarding the load capacity of the roof. The entire roof surface is removed where the modules are mounted. This means that no additional weight is put on the roof.

ATsolar have in 2014/15 delivered more than 10.000 m2 roofintegrated solar powerplants for Sønderborg Municipality, distributed over more than 100 roofs, and we are certified fitters for the Solarworld SUNDECK system, that you can read more about here.

SUNDECK is primarily used on tile or eternit roofs, but cannot be mounted on fibreboard or foil roofs. The construction includes a subconstruction of steelplates, which requires a underlay.

ROOFmounted plant

During the last many years, we have mounted solar modules on almost any kind of roof; Tile, eternit, flat roofs with ballast solutions, adhesive solutions on tar roof, steelplated roofs etc. No matter what kind of roof you have, we will find the right practical, technical and aestethic solution for you.

The roof mounted plants have among other the advantage that they can be mounted so they are angled as good as possible in regard to the sun, which result in a a better output. It is also a faster solution, since the mounting is more simple.

We have during the last 5 years covered more than 40.000 m2 roof with solarcells. It has been almost any kind of roof, which has given us the insight and experience needed to deliver advice and solutions to the challenges that this kind of powerplant gives.

We always have a great extent of care in how the visual appearance is on the solarplants. A solarplant has to be both pleasing to look at as well as economically viable. That result in a happy and satisfied customer - every time.

We have our own fitters, who are trained in so-called "hot work" on tar roofs, as well as carpenters with many years experience in roof constructions and mounting of solar modules.

We follow the guidelines laid out by the Technological Institute regarding mounting on roofs.


If you want to know more about solar powerplants, then write your name and phone number, and we ill get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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